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FoxESS Energy Cube 4.8KWh HV Battery (Master)

Enhance your energy storage capabilities with the FoxESS Energy Cube 4.8KW HV Battery – Master. Scalable to 28.21kWh and featuring a modular design, this high-performance battery system offers unparalleled flexibility and efficiency for residential and commercial installations. Easy to install and equipped with advanced features, it’s the perfect choice for maximizing energy storage capacity.

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Upgrade your energy storage capabilities with the FoxESS Energy Cube 4.8KW HV Battery – Master, a high-performance solution engineered to redefine energy storage efficiency and flexibility. The Energy Cube ECS is a scalable battery storage system designed to meet a broad range of storage applications, offering unparalleled versatility for residential and commercial installations alike.

Featuring a modular design, the FoxESS Energy Cube allows for maximum flexibility and scalability. With the ability to install additional batteries in series, users can easily expand their storage capacity to meet their evolving energy needs. The Energy Cube ECS can accommodate up to 28.21kWh of storage capacity, providing ample power for a variety of applications.

Installation is a breeze with the Energy Cube ECS’s plug-and-play solution, saving valuable time for installers and ensuring a seamless integration process. Its compact design and easy installation make it the perfect choice for both new installations and retrofit projects.

Equipped with advanced features such as a 90% depth of discharge and large temperature tolerance, the FoxESS Energy Cube delivers reliable performance in any environment. Its CAN/RS485 communication capabilities enable seamless integration with Fox HV hybrid inverters, providing users with enhanced control and monitoring options.

Please note that the FoxESS Energy Cube 4.8KW HV Battery – Master is part of a modular system and requires at least one slave unit (FE-HV-ECS-4100) for operation. You can add up to six slave units to one master unit to expand your energy storage capacity.

Upgrade your energy storage capabilities and take control of your energy future with the FoxESS Energy Cube 4.8KW HV Battery – Master. Experience reliable performance, scalability, and efficiency with this advanced battery system.


•4.03kWh capacity

•Scalable to 28.21 kWh

•90% Depth of Discharge

• Large temperature tolerance

• Easy installation

• CAN/RS485 communication

• High voltage – Compatible with Fox HV hybrid inverters




FoxESS Energy Cube 4.8KWh HV Battery (Master)
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