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Fox Mira 2.5KWh HV Battery

Discover the Fox Mira HV25, a high-performance battery storage module engineered for unrivaled reliability and performance. With a capacity of 2.45kWh and scalability up to 19.66kWh, the Mira HV25 offers flexible energy storage solutions for a variety of applications. Its easy installation, wide temperature tolerance, and high-voltage capabilities make it the ideal choice for residential and commercial projects alike.

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As a global leader in the development of cutting-edge inverter and energy storage solutions, Fox continues to revolutionize the renewable energy landscape. Engineered by some of the world’s foremost experts in inverters and batteries, Fox products are renowned for their unparalleled performance, reliability, and advanced features.

Introducing the Fox Mira HV25, a high-performance battery storage module designed to redefine energy storage capabilities. With a generous capacity of 2.45kWh, the Mira HV25 offers scalable storage solutions suitable for a wide range of applications. Its modular design allows for maximum installation flexibility, empowering users to tailor their energy storage system to meet their specific needs.

The Mira HV25 boasts a wide temperature tolerance and easy plug-and-play installation, making it a versatile and user-friendly solution for both residential and commercial projects. Multiple batteries can be seamlessly installed in series, enabling a maximum storage capacity of 19.66kWh to meet even the most demanding energy requirements.

However, it’s important to note that the Mira HV25 is not compatible with the Fox HV2600. Instead, it is specifically designed for use with H1 Inverters. Each Mira HV25 system consists of between 2 to 7 battery modules and requires one Mira BMS controller for optimal performance. Additionally, the battery includes a cable for convenient connection to another Mira HV25 unit.

Product Features:

  • 2.45kWh Capacity
  • Scalable to 19.66kWh
  • Wide Temperature Tolerance
  • Easy Installation
  • CAN Communication
  • High Voltage

Technical Specifications:

  • Recommended discharge current: 24A
  • Max. charge/discharge current: 48A
  • Peak discharge current: 60A @ 30sec
  • Cycle life: ≥4000
  • Communication: CAN
  • Scalability: Max. 8 modules in series
  • Dimensions: 480 x 122 x 420mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 26kg



Fox Mira HV25 Battery Module Warranty Policy

Fox Mira HV25 Battery Module Datasheet


Fox Mira 2.5KWh HV Battery
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