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LRG Solar is a leading solar energy solutions provider founded in 2015 and headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa. We specialize in the design, development, and deployment of high-quality solar energy systems for residential, commercial, retail and agricultural applications. With over 50 years of combined experience, our team is committed to making a sustainable difference in the way communities harness energy from the sun. Our Slogan, Endless Energy, does not only refer to the Renewable Energy Sources we use, but also to the nature of our business. We never give up, we never run out of Energy, but most of all, we will never stop implementing solutions in a market that is facing a Crisis of the magnitude currently being experienced in South Africa. LRG Solar - Choose your Endless

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Whether it be Wi-Fi, Family Time, Recreation or Business, we have the solution to help. Whatever it is you need Energy for. Choose LRG Solar, Choose Endless Energy!.

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Our Projects

LRG Solar Loves our work. So here we can show off a little. LRG Solar Project Portfolio

We have to congratulate our customer on going Solar. A 8KW Deye with 10KW Batteries and Panels installed for a beautiful property. Loadshedding? Yeah... no. #LRGSolar #SolarPowered #NoLoadshedding

Beautiful 8-10 Residential System

Residential - 8KW Inverter and 19KW Battery

Happy Client in Betty’s Bay. We added 10 x 450WP solar modules to his originally Backup Only system. With the addition of the modules, he now not only saves money, but is ever closer to realising his Off-Grid dream. #Solar4all #wedosolar #solarpvspecialists

Betty’s Bay Rooftop Residential

Rooftop Solar Panel Installation

Agricultural Solar PV Solution of 10KWp installed for PG Fruit Olives in Villiersdorp, Cape Town. This system uses the SolarEdge Optimizers, as well as a SolarEdge, Grid Tide 10KW Inverter. The customer has more than halved is current utility bill, and since the installation has gone on to win numerous prizes for their Olive Oil. We are proud to have them as a customer.

Cape Town Commercial 2

Agricultural Solar PV Solution of 10KWp installed for PG Fruit Olives in Villiersdorp, Cape Town

Residential Solar Solution in Heunigkloof, Kleinmond. This system comprised of 12 x JA Solar 455WP Solar Modules, 1 x 5KVA Sunsynk Inverter and 1 x 5KWh REVOV R100 2nd Life Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Customer is 97% Off-Grid, utilising the Hybrid System.

Kleinmond Residential 1

Residential Solar Solution in Heunigkloof, Kleinmond

Residential Solar Solution in Heunigkloof, Kleinmond. This system comprised of 36 x Canadian Solar 275WP Solar Modules, 3 x 5KVA Victron Inverters and 4 x 3.5KWh Pylontech Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Customer is 90% Off-Grid, utilising the 3 Phase Hybrid System.

Melkbos Residential 1

Residential Solar Solution in Heunigkloof, Kleinmond

Small Commercial Hybrid Solution. This system was installed at Excoprint, Brackenfell South. The system comprises of 32KWp worth os Solar Modules, 1 x Huawei 36KTL Grid Tied Inverter, 3 x Victron Quatto 8000 Inverters and 1 x Freedom Won 40KWh Lithium Iron Phosphate battery. This system was set up as a Minigrid, ensuring that the customer can utilise the full Solar Capacity during a Power outage. This was the first Printing company in South Africa to install this sort of solution.

Cape Town Commercial 1

Small Commercial Hybrid Solution

Residential Solar Solution in the beautiful Sir Lowry's area of the Helderberg in the Western Cape. This system consists of 48 x JA Solar 455WP Solar Modules, 2 x Sunsynk 12KW 3 Phase inverters in parallel and 4 x Revov 2nd Life R100 5.1KWh LiFeP04 Batteries ensuring 20KWh of storage capacity.

Sir Lowry’s Residential

24KW 3Phase Solar System
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Solar Finance in 6 simple steps

At LRG Solar we offer a wide range of funding options for your Solar PV Solution. These Include: 1. 5 Year Rent-To-Own 2. PPA (Power Purchase Agreements) 3. Asset Based Finance, etc... We are registered suppliers to most Financial Institutions who are standing by to assist you with keeping the lights on. No Business can survive without electricity for 9.5hrs per day. Let LRG Solar assist you with your #endlessenergy.

As with any other Solar PV Project, it all starts with a simple reach-out to LRG Solar. Whether your preferred way to contact us is SMS, WhatsApp, E-Mail or a Telephone Call. this is the starting point... One of our highly dedicated sales team members will then start to assist you and guide you through the rest of this exciting journey, making sure to understand your requirement.
Our aim is to work with you, in determining the challenge that you are trying to resolve. This is usually done through a Feasibility Study. The study is comprehensive in nature, and will supply both LRG Solar and You (Our Customer) with all the required information to determine the project Scope.
We will now, as soon as the feasibility and scope has been determined, furnish you with a Proposal for the project. This proposal with be discussed with you in-depth, so as to ensure you understand all aspects of the project. From Products, through to close.
At this point, you have the Feasibility study, and you are satisfied with our proposal. we will now proceed to identify the correct finance for your project. The options may include: 5 Year Rent-To-Own, PPA (Power Purchase Agreement), Long-Term Rental or others. We will assist and guide you through this process to ensure you have a true picture of the benefits of all, to assist in the decision making.
This process is facilitated by LRG Solar, we will forward all relevant documentation to you, and then on to the financial institution of choice. One that Specializes in your choice of Finance. We are suppliers to all major banks, as well as a few other institutions, with whom we will then place you in contact. The Approval Process will normally take no more than 7 business days.
Once the approval has been received, LRG Solar will receive an instruction from your financier to implement the project. This is done completely at our risk, and none of yours. We will only receive our funds once the project has been installed and successfully handed over, as confirmed by YOU, to the bank. Only once this has been finalised, will your contract become active, and your re-payments start.

Choose your Solar Journey

Every customer is unique and important. So your journey might differ, but LRG Solar aims to give you the best possible service. Why not choose the type of journey you want?

Choose to Contact

First contact is always important. We will greet you with a friendly smile and answer the all questions you have.

Choose your Premises

Once contact has been made, LRG Solar comes out to your premises to do a proper assessment of your needs, wants and problems. From there the journey becomes interesting.

Choose your Proposal

Now the proposal phase. Our team of specialist will draft a proposal that meets your specifications. You can contact and ask us questions if you still need more information.

Choose your Installation

Once the system choice has been made, LRG Solar will start your installation. Starting from your panels, to your battery. Neat, quality and specialised work, done by our expert installation team.

Choose your Certification

Now, that the installation has been done, everyone is happy the paperwork can start. Your COC (for complete Solar systems) will be handled by our Electrical partner. With a Solar System, we also assist you with your Municipal Registration.

Choose your Handover

Everything has been done. The Installation has been done and the paperwork filled in you will receive your handover file. This file has all the datasheets, warrantees and photo's you need.

Choose your maintenance

You can choose to do the maintenance yourself or call on LRG Solar to help you maintain your system.

Choose your Solar Partner

LRG Solar will be on call for any questions or queries after the installation you might have. our team of Specialists are here to travel with you on your Solar Journey.