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Sinotec 5KW Off-Grid Inverter

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Power your off-grid setup efficiently with the Sinotec Off-Grid Inverter XT Series 5KW. This pure sine wave solar inverter boasts a wide PV input range, maximum charging current of 100A, and a battery-independent design for enhanced flexibility. It features a reserved communication port for BMS, battery equalization function to optimize performance, and a built-in anti-dust kit for durability. Choose Sinotec for reliable and advanced off-grid power solutions.


Elevate your off-grid power solutions with the SINOTEC 5kW, 48VDC Inverter Off Grid – XT-5K. SINOTEC, a trailblazer in consumer electronics and household appliances since 1999, presents a robust solution for energy independence that is built to exceed expectations.

Product Features:

What’s Off-Grid? An off-grid solar system liberates you from dependency on the grid. It’s a self-sufficient power system comprising solar panels, batteries, off-grid inverters like the XT-5K, and loads. These inverters can also connect to the grid or a generator for supplementary power when needed.


  • Rated Power: 5000VA/5000W
    • Voltage: 230 VAC
    • Selectable Voltage Range: 170-280 VAC (For Personal Computers); 90-280 VAC (For Home Appliances)
    • Frequency Range: 50Hz/60Hz (Auto sensing)
    • AC Voltage Regulation (Batt. Mode): 230VAC ± 5%
    • Surge Power: 10000VA
    • Efficiency (Peak): 93%
    • Transfer Time: 10ms (For Personal Computers); 20 ms (For Home Appliances)
    • Waveform: Pure sine wave
    • Battery Voltage: 48 VDC
    • Floating Charge Voltage: 54 VDC
    • Overcharge Protection: 63 VDC
    • Solar Charger Type: MPPT
    • Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage: 500 VDC
    • Maximum PV Array Power: 5000W
    • MPP Range @ Operating Voltage: 120 ~ 450VDC
    • Maximum Solar Charge Current: 100A
    • Maximum AC Charge Current: 100A
    • Maximum Charge Current: 100A
    • Dimension: 120 x 300 x 440 mm
    • Net Weight: 10 kgs
    • Communication Interface: RS232/RS485

Why Choose SINOTEC XT-5K Inverter?

  1. Powerful Performance: With a rated power of 5000W and surge power of 10000VA, the XT-5K delivers reliable and stable electricity for your essential appliances and electronics.
  2. Efficient Charging: Featuring MPPT solar charging and a maximum solar charge current of 100A, this inverter optimizes energy harvesting from your solar panels, ensuring rapid battery replenishment.
  3. Battery Protection: Benefit from battery overcharge protection and a battery equalization function that enhances performance and extends battery life, maximizing your investment.
  4. Flexible Connectivity: The XT-5K supports a wide PV input range, allowing it to adapt to varying solar conditions and provide consistent power output.
  5. Built to Last: Designed with a robust build and an anti-dust kit, this inverter withstands environmental challenges, ensuring longevity and durability.
  6. Intelligent Monitoring: Utilize the RS232/RS485 communication interface for advanced monitoring and control, integrating seamlessly with Battery Management Systems (BMS) for optimized system performance.

Installation and Safety:

It’s crucial to install the XT-5K Inverter by a qualified electrician/technician, adhering strictly to local wiring regulations and standards. Ensure your battery bank’s power and storage capacity meet the inverter’s requirements for optimal performance and safety.

Empower your off-grid lifestyle with the SINOTEC 5kW, 48VDC Inverter Off Grid – XT-5K. Trust in SINOTEC’s expertise to deliver dependable and efficient energy solutions for your home, cabin, or remote setup. Step into a future powered by innovation and sustainability.