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FoxESS Energy Cube 4.8KW HV Battery (Slave)

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Enhance your energy storage system with the FoxESS 4.8KW HV Battery – Slave. With a capacity of 4.74kWh and advanced features such as scalability, easy installation, and high-voltage compatibility, this battery module offers reliable performance and flexibility for residential and commercial applications.

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Elevate your energy storage capabilities with the FoxESS 4.8KW HV Battery – Slave, a versatile solution designed to enhance your energy storage system. Engineered with high-performance features and scalability in mind, this battery offers unparalleled flexibility, making it suitable for a wide range of storage applications.

The FoxESS 4.8KW HV Battery – Slave is part of the Energy Cube ECS series, known for its modular design and scalability. With a capacity of 4.74kWh, this battery module provides ample storage capacity to meet your energy needs, whether you’re looking to reduce your reliance on the grid, store excess solar energy, or provide backup power during outages.

Thanks to its modular design, the FoxESS 4.8KW HV Battery – Slave can be easily integrated into existing energy storage systems. Additional batteries can be installed in series, allowing for a maximum storage capacity of 33.24kWh. This scalability ensures that your energy storage system can grow with your needs, providing flexibility and adaptability for future expansions.

Installation is a breeze with the FoxESS 4.8KW HV Battery – Slave, featuring a plug and play solution that saves valuable time for installers. Its easy installation process minimizes downtime and disruption, allowing you to start enjoying the benefits of your energy storage system sooner.

Equipped with advanced features such as 90% depth of discharge, large temperature tolerance, and CAN/RS485 communication, the FoxESS 4.8KW HV Battery – Slave delivers reliable performance and seamless integration with Fox HV hybrid inverters. Its high-voltage compatibility ensures efficient energy conversion and delivery, maximizing energy utilization and cost savings.

Please note that the FoxESS 4.8KW HV Battery – Slave is designed to complement the FoxESS 4.8KW HV Battery – Master. To create a complete energy storage solution, you will need a minimum of 1 master unit and 1 slave unit. You can add up to 6 slaves to 1 master, providing flexibility for larger installations.



•4.74kWh capacity

•Scalable to 33.24 kWh

•90% Depth of Discharge

• Large temperature tolerance

• Easy installation

• CAN/RS485 communication

• High voltage – Compatible with Fox HV hybrid inverters