Solar Installations

When you think of installers you need to look at what they use. Do they follow the right codes? Are they neat? How many installations have they done?

“Whether it be a small residential system, or a system that is designed to assist a farmer to save money, while keeping the lights on during load shedding, or even a system that will greatly reduce the energy cost to a Factory, or Shopping Centre, it is our commitment that all customers will receive the same, impeccable level of service, that they deserve. – N. Bekker (MD)”

The most important thing about a good installation is an understanding of the products, impact and general maintenance of a solar system. LRG Solar keeps all these elements in mind when they design and install a system. With years of experience they have gained a wealth of knowledge to support their installations.

All installations are done according to

Electrical Wiring to be done according to the electrical wiring code.

SANS 10142-1

Requirements for special installation or locations – Solar PV power supply systems

SANS (IEC) 60364-7-712

Testing of Low voltage electrical installations

IEC 60364-6

Minimum requirements for system documentation, commissioning tests and inspection

IEC 62446

Our guidelines and quality control is of utmost importance and it shows in our work. 

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