Every client has a very specific need. for us, it is important to establish exactly what this need might be, to ensure that we deliver exactly to the expectation of the said customer or industry. We will not oversell, and not underdeliver. Your expectation is our Scope of Work.
Once the need has been established, our team of Highly trained professionals will take the time to design and engineer the best possible solution for your project. We will send all designs for approval, and will then deliver exactly what was agreed on, so there are no surprises to you, our customer.

We aim to ensure that all customers have access to the best technology available and understanding the financial implications of the projects, we have aligned ourselves with multiple finance partners who can and will with the greatest pleasure, finance the systems, from residential to commercial, rental agreements, Loans, and even long term Solar Services Agreements

Once all the financials have been resolved and finalized, our technical team once again kicks into gear, installing the components, to complete the project to the highest level of detail, ensuring to keep to regulations as set out in all the electrical standards of South Africa. All systems have an Electrical C.O.C. when we finish, to ensure your peace of mind and guarantee your safety, even after we have left the site. All installations have a standard 2-year installation warranty on the workmanship, as well as the Product Guarantees of all products we use.

One of the many services we offer is that of Plant Operation and Maintenance. From a very affordable, small O&M contract, all the way to monthly services, depending on the unique requirement of your plant.
Should you have a plant that is out of warranty or installed by another contractor. We at LRG Solar will be willing and able to test the performance of the plant and ensure that the plant operates to the maximum yield level achievable. We will take over the plant management, give you access to all the relevant data, and keep your plant going.

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