You now have the option to purchase your electricity for the next 20+ years at today’s prices with our convenient rent-to-own finance options. Residential, commercial, industrial and agriculture clients now have the convenience to avoid any upfront product purchases and installation costs. The full maintenance of the system is also catered for in the finance contract. With lower than electricity bill monthly payments, our clients can enjoy the benefits of bespoke Grid-Tied, off-grid, hybrid-coupled, or backup only solutions. Your application will be reviewed by our financial partners, and the contract is entered into and between yourself, Our Finance Partner and LRG Solar. We will take care of all the application work, engineering, procurement, installation, live monitoring and any maintenance or repairs required over the lifetime of the system. Our rentals also cater for buy-out options and are fully paid off within a maximum of 5 years with little to no deposit or escalation, based upon the client’s financial profile.

Feel free to contact us for your no-obligation bespoke design and quotation, and enjoy peace-of-mind for electricity security for the next 20+ years