About Us

LRG Solar (Pty) Ltd delivers cost effective power solutions to the entire scope of industries across the continent. The technologies that are used to render these offerings are completely environmentally friendly compared to traditional technologies and complies with the Kyoto protocol and global carbon footprint reduction objectives.

Our approach is to first optimise the client’s operation, building, development, agricultural holdings or residential dwelling, to be able to lower the total kW usage of the project by using solar water heating, LED lights and power management devices, to make it feasible for an alternative power solution. The generation of alternative power is done through a number of technologies, for example solar and wind technology. 

We use only state of the art technologies and we keep constant stock of the various components.

The market segments on which we concentrate can be divided into three main categories:

• Agriculture;

• Private developers (residential);

• Buildings and factories (industrial & commercial).

We offer the complete spectrum as an EPCMOM contractor (engineering, procurement, construction, monitoring, operations and maintenance) for solar grid-tied and off- grid solutions as illustrated in some of our project photos.

Who We Are

LRG Solar (Pty) Ltd was officially established in August 2015 and is owner managed ensuring efficiency and superb services to our clients. The shareholders are from a diverse and experienced green Industry, offering outstanding knowledge and knowhow skills. Specialising in the sustainability of green energy, energy optimization and energy saving technology advanced solutions are offered for on and off-grid applications, making use of the latest and best technologies available in the green environment. 

The services offered are designed to help clients to improve the efficiency in resource utilization, to promote the dimensions of environmental sustainability and the total cost of ownership. Sustainability of business depends on the ability to create value in the ever-changing environment.


Our vision is to become the leading green product and service provider in the African market, and beyond, by supplying cutting edge technology, superior quality products and tailor made solutions to all that aspire to take part in the green evolution – and thereby setting ourselves apart from other service providers in the green industry.

Mission Statement

We will assist Commercial Enterprises and private individuals to implement sound and sustainable environmental solutions and practices, which hold both economic benefit and which have become regulatory, social and ethical imperatives. We will also remedy the failings of many competitors by designing product and service recommendations to satisfy the actual utilization, expenditure and other client specific efficiency requirements.


Our commitment is to deliver a durable proposition and to continuously seek out new opportunities that meet client needs. Whilst striving to define and remain at the cutting edge of global best practice, our business culture remains rooted in the strength of our relationships with our clients. We believe that advice is inextricably linked to product solutions that best address the client’s needs. Our approach emphasizes independence of advice and is based on a best of breed concept, which allows us to offer our client’s independent product and service opportunities.


Energy from our sun is free and the sun will continue to shine for billions of years to come. While the solar energy is inexhaustible and renewable, its irradiance is environment-friendly. The solar power system does not emit CO2, which is environmentally damaging. In addition, silicon, the raw material in making solar cells, is the second most abundant element in the Earth’s crust. Since the Solar industry has been developing and the technology is maturing, the PV power systems are efficient for commercial, residential and industrial use. In contrast, fossil fuels, as our main source of energy, are depleting. Our high dependence on fossil fuels is inevitably going to push up their prices continuously until they are completely depleted. Fossil fuels are (realistically) non-renewable and environmentally damaging. 

Recent climate change is in part a consequence from the increased CO2 concentration in the atmosphere caused by burning fossil fuels. All major world governments are committed to reducing carbon emissions. Therefore, it is essential for us to seek alternative renewable energy resources for guaranteed energy supply and environment protection. Solar PV energy generation is the answer.

“Excellence is our standard; Pride our driving force” 

Except for all of our commercial installations, We at LRG Solar also pride ourselves on the fact that we currently have more than 150 residential solar power systems currently producing power in Southern Africa. We can therefore with pride state that we are definitely a force to be reckoned with. Our slogan: Excellence is our standard, Pride our driving force, is what we adhere to in our daily lives, to ensure that our customers’ experience with LRG Solar will remain in their minds, long after the project has been completed.