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We Provide Specialist Solar Services.

Renewable Energy Specialists

With the ever growing demand for Renewable Energy, it is our duty to ensure that all customers have access to Perfectly Engineered Solutions, Tailor made to their specific needs. It is also imperative that every aspects of the clients' expectation is met, and therefore that the installed system delivers exactly what it was designed to do.

-That is our promise, Our commitment to you.

Solar Experts
Choose your Endless

Founded in 2020, a year full of challenges, LRG Solar is a company that pride ourselves in in our more that 15 year accumulative experience in the Energy Reduction and Solar PV Design, Installation and Maintenance space in South Africa. 

 Our market is unique, taking into consideration all the aspects of Electricity Supply challenges our country experiences on a almost daily basis. Our founding members have spent countless hours researching, documenting and uniquely sourcing solutions, to cater for all aspects of our markets, including, but not limited to 3 specific market segments.

 We operate in the Residential, commercial and industrial as well as the Agricultural areas, with unique solutions to cater for all.

 Our products are all sustainably sourced from reputable, Tier1 suppliers, who have all been operating within this space for many years, so as to ensure product quality, availability and support. 

 We furthermore pride ourselves on our attention to detail, ensuring that all projects we encounter, receives an equal amount of input from our staff, who has all been trained to the highest level. 

 We guarantee a level of professionalism and excellence, far surpassing the expectations of our customers, all while keeping the costs to a minimum and our delivery timelines as short as is humanly possible, without impacting on the quality.

 To us, every customer, whether Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural or any other, is guaranteed to receive the same level of expertise and attention, regardless of project size or financial value. 

 We aim to deliver a project, second to none, with longstanding benefits for all stakeholders involved. At LRG Solar, our customers aren’t merely customers, but business partners, and deserves to be treated as such.

What we do

Every client has a very specific need. for us it is important to establish exactly what this need might be, so as to ensure that we deliver exactly to the expectation of the said customer or industry. We will not oversell, and not underdeliver. Your expectation is our Scope of Works.

Once the need has been established, our team of Highly trained professionals will take the time to design and engineer the best possible solution for your project. We will send all designs for approval, and will then deliver exactly what was agreed on, so there are no surprises to you, our customer.

Our aim is to ensure that all customers have access to the best technology available, and understanding the financial implications of the projects, we have aligned ourselves with multiple finance partners who can and will with the greatest pleasure, finance the systems, from residential to commercial, rental agreements, Loans and even long term Solar Services Agreements

Once all the financials have been resolved and finalized, our technical team once again kicks into gear, installing the components, to complete the project to the highest level of detail, ensuring to keep to regulations as set out in all the electrical standards of South Africa. All system have an Electrical C.O.C. when we finish, so as to ensure your peace of mind and guaranteeing your safety, even after we have left site. All installation have a standard 2 year installation warranty on the workmanship, as well as the Product Guarantees of all products we use.

One of our many services we offer, is that of Plant Operation and Maintenance. From a very affordable, small O&M contract, all the way to monthly services, depending on the unique requirement of your plant.

Should you have a plant that is out of warranty or installed by another contractor. We at NRG Services will be willing and able to test the performance of the plant, and ensure that the plant operates to the maximum yield level achievable. We will take over the plant management, give you access to all the relevant data, and keep your plant going.

Solar Finance in 6 simple steps

At LRG Solar we offer a wide range of funding options for your Solar PV Solution. These Include: 1. 5 Year Rent-To-Own 2. PPA (Power Purchase Agreements) 3. Asset Based Finance, etc... We are registered suppliers to most Financial Institutions who are standing by to assist you with keeping the lights on. No Business can survive without electricity for 9.5hrs per day. Let LRG Solar assist you with your #endlessenergy.

As with any other Solar PV Project, it all starts with a simple reach-out to LRG Solar. Whether your preferred way to contact us is SMS, WhatsApp, E-Mail or a Telephone Call. this is the starting point... One of our highly dedicated sales team members will then start to assist you and guide you through the rest of this exciting journey, making sure to understand your requirement.
Our aim is to work with you, in determining the challenge that you are trying to resolve. This is usually done through a Feasibility Study. The study is comprehensive in nature, and will supply both LRG Solar and You (Our Customer) with all the required information to determine the project Scope.
We will now, as soon as the feasibility and scope has been determined, furnish you with a Proposal for the project. This proposal with be discussed with you in-depth, so as to ensure you understand all aspects of the project. From Products, through to close.
At this point, you have the Feasibility study, and you are satisfied with our proposal. we will now proceed to identify the correct finance for your project. The options may include: 5 Year Rent-To-Own, PPA (Power Purchase Agreement), Long-Term Rental or others. We will assist and guide you through this process to ensure you have a true picture of the benefits of all, to assist in the decision making.
This process is facilitated by LRG Solar, we will forward all relevant documentation to you, and then on to the financial institution of choice. One that Specializes in your choice of Finance. We are suppliers to all major banks, as well as a few other institutions, with whom we will then place you in contact. The Approval Process will normally take no more than 7 business days.
Once the approval has been received, LRG Solar will receive an instruction from your financier to implement the project. This is done completely at our risk, and none of yours. We will only receive our funds once the project has been installed and successfully handed over, as confirmed by YOU, to the bank. Only once this has been finalised, will your contract become active, and your re-payments start.

Choose your Solar Journey

Every customer is unique and important. So your journey might differ, but LRG Solar aims to give you the best possible service. Why not choose the type of journey you want?

Choose to Contact

First contact is always important. We will greet you with a friendly smile and answer the all questions you have.

Choose your Premises

Once contact has been made, LRG Solar comes out to your premises to do a proper assessment of your needs, wants and problems. From there the journey becomes interesting.

Choose your Proposal

Now the proposal phase. Our team of specialist will draft a proposal that meets your specifications. You can contact and ask us questions if you still need more information.

Choose your Installation

Once the system choice has been made, LRG Solar will start your installation. Starting from your panels, to your battery. Neat, quality and specialised work, done by our expert installation team.

Choose your Certification

Now, that the installation has been done, everyone is happy the paperwork can start. Your COC (for complete Solar systems) will be handled by our Electrical partner. With a Solar System, we also assist you with your Municipal Registration.

Choose your Handover

Everything has been done. The Installation has been done and the paperwork filled in you will receive your handover file. This file has all the datasheets, warrantees and photo's you need.

Choose your maintenance

You can choose to do the maintenance yourself or call on LRG Solar to help you maintain your system.

Choose your Solar Partner

LRG Solar will be on call for any questions or queries after the installation you might have. our team of Specialists are here to travel with you on your Solar Journey.