Renewable Energy Plant Monitoring for the E.P.C. – Important or Not?

So it has come – a time where every Person, Company, Country or even Continent is considering the use of Renewable Energy. Whether it is Bio-Gas, Wind or Solar Power or maybe Tri-Gen, it makes no difference, everybody knows that in order to fight Climate Change, we need to do something with Renewable Energy…

In some countries, a proper back office monitoring system is freely available, in other countries, they are extremely difficult to come by. In South Africa, we have a very unique situation, where we have a lot of companies offering Renewable Energy Systems with extensive Guarantees, based on individual product guarantees as set out by the manufacturer. This is good, as we all know, however, we also know that “A PV – PLANT IS ONLY A GOOD THING WHEN IT WORKS…” 

The reason for the above statement, is that Renewable Energy plants, as with any other form of energy plant, can trip.

It is for this reason that LRG International decided to position ourselves in the one space of the Renewable Energy market that a lot of people take for granted – Plant Monitoring.

Weather you have a Wind, Solar, Bio, Tri-Gen. or any other Renewable Energy Plant, or whether you just want to keep an eye on your consumption in your existing building, we have the Solution…

Using our infrastructure, we can monitor and in some cases even control the following:

  • Energy Consumption on various levels
  • Energy Production
  • Plant production levels – down to string connection – this is particularly helpful on the larger plants, as you will be able to pin point the string where the problem is.
  • Cable Theft 
  • we can tap into Security Systems and report on that, as well as fire prevention systems.

With the correct configuration, you can give the customer access to the dashboard as provided by the Inverter Manufacturer, while we set up a dashboard for the EPC, where he can see all his plants, monitor the plants himself, pull historical data, get critical information sent to him, and by doing so, offer the consumer a performance guarantee with full S.L.A.

If this is not in place, a performance guarantee is a major risk, as you do not have any information, other than what the Inverter manufacturer offers.

Allow us to show you how easy it could be, to monitor, manage in even control the plants you install, all from one dashboard with instant GSM – comms if something does go wrong Regardless of Inverter manufacturer, Module Manufacturer or any other manufacturer for that matter.

Plant Monitoring, the one aspect that could potentially assist you with the Performance Guarantee becoming 98% Risk Free.

Nick Bekker