SolarEdge 5000W Single Phase Inverter with HD-Wave Technology


SolarEdge 5000W Single Phase Inverter with HD-Wave TechnologyPart No: SE-5000HInverters – Main Units

  • Rating: 5,000W
  • Phases: 1
Optimized installation with HD-Wave technology
– Record-breaking efficiency
– Extremely small, lightweight and easy to install
– High reliability without any electrolytic capacitors
– Built-in module-level monitoring
– Outdoor and indoor installation

UK only: This inverter has been tested and certified according to G98 or G99, but only with the most recent Firmware version. Please update the inverter firmware on commissioning, using SD Card as per the per Installation Manual.


Supplier Part No:SE5000H-RW000NNN2

Weight:10.85 kg

Rated Power:5,000 W

Min PPT Voltage:0 V

Max PPT Voltage:0 V

DC Startup Voltage:0 V

DC Shutdown Voltage:0 V

Max Input Voltage:480 V

Max DC Power:7,750 W

Max AC Power:5,000 W

Max DC Current:23 A

Max DC Inputs:2

Has DC Fuses:0


Included Connectors:2

Euro Efficiency:99 %


MPPT Trackers:0

Has Integrated DC Switch:No

Data Sheet


Installation Manual