Difficulty working for Multiple EPC’s – Or Not?

I often get asked whether we, as a company that work for more that 1 EPC, find it difficult to ensure all our customers get treated with the same amount of Privacy and Respect, and the short answer is No. I don’t. 

Reason Being: 

We ensure all our employees are Highly Skilled and Professional. We then go one step further and ensure all of them have signed and agreed to the LRG Terms and Conditions of employment, that includes a stringent Non Disclosure agreement. 

Step two, is to ensure that a certain emplpoyee only works on projects for a certain customer – as far as possible. As you may well imagine, this can’t always happen, as you hardly ever have a scnario where that employee will be busy with that customer for 12 months of the year, however it does happen every now and then. We then also have the challenge of starting with a nw customer and having to find a suitable candidate for that customer, while trying to ensure that the person will work exclusively on their projects.

Many times this means we need to employ somebody on contract, to ensure he/she is the right fit, and should we see they fit in perfectly, and the repeat business occurs, we offer them the part/full time employement they deserve.

Yes, we do see the challenge in the environment we operate under, but more importantly, we have already established a way make the scenario work for us… 

LRG – a company with vision, willing to go the extra mileto ensure our customers’ satisfaction.

Nick Bekker – MD