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Founded I 2015, LRG Solar has become one of the leading Solar PV Installers in South Africa.


Our Expertise spans across all types of installations, including, but not limited to:

  • Residential rooftop Solar Installations
  • Small commercial rooftop Solar Installation
  • Commercial rooftop (Retail) Solar installation
  • Ground Mound Solar Installation
  • Solar Carports Construction and Solar Installation


With our large network of suppliers’ LRG Solar offers TIER 1 products and only the best Balance of System Components available on the market today.


With a sound understanding of the PV Solar Industry, LRG Solar offers a wide range of Services, ensuring that we can assist our clients with whatever they may require.


Please refer to our Services Page for a full description of what we offer.




1.Load Profiling

Probably one of the most underrated services in the Solar PV Industry. LRG Solar assists our clients in determining exactly what their consumption is, and by sharing that information, we can determine the next step in their journey to energy savings or independence.


LRG Solar uses only the best equipment and offers full reporting on a weekly basis, at extremely competitive rates.


2. Load Reduction – (Project Identification)

Whether it is something as small as replacing lamps or air-conditioning units, or something as big as installing a PV plant, LRG Solar can help you on your journey to energy reduction.


3.  Solar PV Installers


LRG Solar installs PV Solar plants for all EPC’s, and our team of experts have installed more than 6MW to date.


Our clients rank among the best in Africa, and even the world.


If you are looking for installers, look no further. Let LRG Solar assist you.


4. Project Funding

At LRG Solar, we offer a wide range of funding options, this for all types of projects, including:


  • Residential Project Funding – 4 Major Banks
  • Small Commercial – SSA Funding, simply pay for the energy you use at a reduced rate.
  • Rent to purchase: Our latest addition to making a project affordable.
  • Financing by the 4 major banks.
  • Private investment, Normally for large projects.


5. Municipal Registrations

We can assist you with the process of registering your system with the local m=municipality or ESKONM. We have contact with all the key personnel and our staff will assist in finalizing this step for you.


6. Operation and Maintenance for Solar Systems

Nothing protects your investment, like proper maintenance. At LRG Solar, we offer an operations and Management contract that is affordable as well as efficient.


Our professional Teams will clean modules, complete all the tests as well as ensure optimal production of your solar plant.


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